About Us

Fenix Flames is run by two friends Angela and Sarah, together we have over 20 years experience in Paganism and Witchcraft.    

About Angela
I’ve been a pagan witch for over 10 years working within different traditions and paths. I come from a gypsy background, with my grandmother being an important teacher in my life.  I love using candles, herbs, crystals, oils and various other things within my spells. I am blessed to be on the path I am on and cannot wait help you continue on your path. We sell homemade bespoke products from our own recipes, which we have honed over the years. I’m honored to be here with Sarah who has different teachings and lot of experience.


About Sarah
I am the other half of the Fenix Flames team. I have been a practicing witch for over a decade, finding my path when I was in my teens. My specialty is making herbal incense, bath salts and oils for use in spell work. The things I make for Fenix Flames are all my own recipes which I have tried and tested myself. 

Combined we make a great team with a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any of your questions.