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It has long been rumoured that on the eve of August 1940, a coven of witches gathered in the New For..
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In 1954 a book was published which claimed that witches were not just some historical oddity but tha..
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Celtic Sacrifice - Pre-Christian Ritual & ReligionPUBLICATION DATE:    &..
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Lid off the Cauldron Patricia Crowther lifts the lid off the cauldron and reveals the truth about W..
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The Roman Calendar - Origins & FestivalsThis book explores the origins of our calendar which..
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The Zodiac Experience Patricia Crowther presents a unique method of self-initiation directly linked..
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From Stagecraft to Witchcraft Patricia tells of her early years, her successful stage career throug..
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** PUBLICATION DATE: 26th June 2021 **Living Witchcraft is the story of a witch’s year, full of ..
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Katy Hunter and the Magic StarFar away from everything familiar, Katy Hunter dreads the thought ..
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This is a bundle product which includes a copy of each of three books by PATRICIA CROWTHER:Lid o..
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