Moira Hodgkinson - Katy Hunter and the Magic Star

Moira Hodgkinson - Katy Hunter and the Magic Star
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Katy Hunter and the Magic Star

Far away from everything familiar, Katy Hunter dreads the thought of spending six months in the sleepy countryside with relatives she barely knows. She soon settles in but Clover Cottage is not as peaceful as it seems. Dark dreams, whispered secrets and mysterious hooded figures fill her with fear. When she finds a silver star that belongs to a witch, Katy knows there’s a mystery to solve. Armed with a trusty new friend and books on witchcraft, she is determined to find out the truth.

But when disaster strikes, how far will she be drawn into the mystery and magic?


Katy Hunter is not looking forward to the prospect of spending the next six months with an aunt and uncle she can barely remember in the countryside. Bored, she scouts the nearby forest, hoping to find the perfect place for a private den of her own and there she discovers a silver star that her odd relatives seem to be hiding from her. She catches them stealing out in the middle of the night, finds books on magic and witchcraft in the study, and Katy realises she has a mystery to solve. Is there witchcraft afoot in this sleepy little village? And if so – are her family involved? When disaster looms, Katy must pull out all the stops to make things right – even if that means a little magic of her own…


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