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8 Sabbats (Download)

8 Sabbats (Download)
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‘8 Sabbats’ by Earth Tree Healing is the 6th release from Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist Claudine West. This album salutes the equinoxes, solstices and harvest festivals. From relaxing meditation music to dancing around a Beltane fire. An album for fans of good vibrations.

Track Listing

1-Samhain                          6:15
2-Yule                                 5:04
3-Imbolc                             4:57
4-Ostara                            7:49
5-Beltane                           8:36
6-Litha (Summer Solstice) 9:24
7-Lammas Lughnasadh    7:07
8-Mabon                           5:52

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Click below to hear a clip of  "Beltane"

D. Moonchild on 13/11/2020
6 reviews
Haunting and beautiful. Found this artist by accident. A good album, to celebrate the Sabbats/ wheel of the year. Good for relaxation too.
Tara White on 13/05/2018
6 reviews
Uplifting, serene, beautiful, relaxing, I can hum to them,I can drive, I can dance, I can work, I can chill out... Why have I not discovered this artist before?
T. Brundle on 24/04/2018
6 reviews
Mabon! Wonderful track. This music is really relaxing. ‘Yule’ just sounds wonderful, On a dark evening in the background, candle lit. Soul warming stuff. Imbolc is my favourite. So haunting.
Kate Stevens on 15/03/2018
6 reviews
Something a little different. Especially love Imbolc and Mabon.
Cat Lady on 15/03/2018
6 reviews
I discovered this music by accident and absolutely love it. So relaxing... Summer Solstice foot tapping sunshine. Imbolc is haunting.

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