Archangel Divination (CD)

Archangel Divination (CD)
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I made this journey in 2016. Connecting with Angels. Channelling feelings, energy, wisdom. Their insights into a beautiful realm, earthbound, skywards. The heavenly vibrations. As a composer I meditated and let the notes and beauty of this work simply flow. My intentions are for you the listener to experience a blissful soundscape that enables connection, divine messages, relaxation and healing. Enjoy – Claudine West 2016

Track Listing

1-Gabriel Awakens                                     4:58
2-Archangel Michael                                   20:48
3-Raphael's Healing                                    9:48
4-Uriel's Illuminations                                  5:20
4-Raguel                                                      5:08
5-Ramiel's Divine Visions                            6:06
6-Azrael                                                       4:57
7-Archangel Michael's Protection (Reprise) 5:36


Click below to hear a clip of "Archangel Michael"

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