Philip Heselton & Moira Hodgkinson - Operation Cone of Power - Hardback

Philip Heselton & Moira Hodgkinson - Operation Cone of Power - Hardback
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It has long been rumoured that on the eve of August 1940, a coven of witches gathered in the New Forest to create an immense surge of magical forces to aid Britain's fight in WWII.

In September 1939, Gerald Gardner, amateur anthropologist and collector of weaponry, began his training as an initiated witch with enthusiasm. Then war was announced and the future of Britain became uncertain, the threat of invasion from the German army loomed ever closer. Gerald put his efforts and knowledge to use in the Home Guard along with pieces from his private collection. Little did he know it would be his newly honed magical skills that gave him and his friends the power they needed to stand their ground.

This book, a blend of occult and historical fiction, has been made possible by the skills of the much-acclaimed esoteric novelist, Moira Hodgkinson, and the extensive researches of historian of witchcraft, Philip Heselton.

Real people and what they did are woven into this fascinating and exciting tale of commitment and sacrifice - the legendary 'Operation Cone of Power.'



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