Philip Heselton - In Search of the New Forest Coven - Hardback

Philip Heselton - In Search of the New Forest Coven - Hardback
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In 1954 a book was published which claimed that witches were not just some historical oddity but that the author, retired civil servant, Gerald Gardner, had been initiated into a witch coven in the New Forest, Hampshire, England in 1939.

Many dismissed his claims, but Philip Heselton, who has been investigating the story for over 20 years, is convinced that what Gardner wrote about the witch coven was essentially true.

He has found that the New Forest coven was started by a group of esoteric intellectuals in the early part of the 20th century who believed in reincarnation and that they had been witches in a previous lifetime.

Philip Heselton has uncovered the likely membership of the coven and has brought them to life as never before.

Steve Jones on 02/09/2020
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the authors latest research follows on from his earlier books with new information he has found.He has found another building where Gerald might have been initiatedinstead of at Mill House together with a picture. He has also found a new picture of Dorthy Fordham which is a good find in itself. The book fills in a bit more of the backgrounds of the people involved with Gerald and their possible connections. He also corrects information in some of his previous works in the light of the new information. Highly recommended.

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