Marion Pearce - Celtic Sacrifice - Pre-Christian Ritual & Religion

Marion Pearce - Celtic Sacrifice - Pre-Christian Ritual & Religion
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Celtic Sacrifice - Pre-Christian Ritual & Religion


Welcome to the world of the Celts, a world of magic, shape-shifting, sorcery and divination, a world where legend and fact are mixed, where the physical world and the Otherworld blend in heroism, rituals and rites.
Combining sources from mythology and archeology with eye-witness accounts from the period, this book presents a fascinating picture of Celtic religion, worship, and deity and investigates the significance of trees, animals, bones, burial practices, kingship and cults of the head and the dead.


Marion Pearce was the publisher of Pentacle magazine, the largest independent Pagan Magazine in the UK with a large circulation in the the US also. She is also a previous editor of Pagan Dawn, the magazine of the Pagan Federation. She is author of “Gods of the Vikings” (Avalonia) and author of “The Roman Calendar”,  and “Celts: Masters of Fire” both of which are from the republishing series by Fenix Flames.

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